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About Lydia Pinkham

Lynn’s most exciting artisans and creative business owners call Lydia Pinkham Labs' abundant and diverse spaces home. Established in 1886, the Lydia Pinkham Labs was once home to the production team behind Lydia Pinkham’s famous Vegetable Compound. Currently, with over one hundred studios to inspire you, this historic gem is the ultimate home for artists and craftsmen alike. Sculptors, glass blowers, leather workers, film editors and more call Pinkham both a haven and a creative hive. Explore our available spaces today and get inspired at Lydia Pinkham Labs, where collaboration and community is both encouraged and nurtured.

Featured Tenant - North Shore Piano Studio

North Shore Piano Studio offers private piano lessons to children and adults of all ages. Lessons are taught by Brad Alderman who has been teaching and performing piano in the Boston area for over 15 years and holds a degree in Piano Performance from Berklee College of Music. Students enroll in weekly one-on-one classes with Alderman and gradually learn the fundamental techniques to build a strong musical foundation all while learning to play songs they are familiar with and enjoy. Alderman believes that the Lydia Pinkham building is the ideal location for his studio as his students love learning in such a unique and welcoming creative environment.

North Shore Piano Studio

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